Give it up for Red Cross and help people doing it tough.

Anytime, anywhere, give it up and support Red Cross. It’s simple! Give up a personal vice and donate the money you would normally spend on that item to Red Cross.

Do you spend too much time at the pub, drive your car to work each day, have a sweet tooth, caffeine addiction or an expensive habit for all things luxury?

What would you give up to support a good cause?

Choose from a range of things to give up, including chocolate, coffee, beer, wine, junk food and eating out, driving your car, luxury items…or you may want to give up your own thing. Click here to find out what you can give up.

For those who dare, you can give up more than one thing!

You can also challenge work mates, friends and family to do the same or ask them to sponsor your efforts.

Giving it up is easy and anyone can do it!

  1. Decide what you want to give up as an individual or workplace team
  2. Calculate how much you would normally spend
  3. Make an instant payment or ask everyone you know to sponsor your efforts
  4. Post what you or your team is doing on Facebook and Twitter
  5. GIVE IT UP! …anytime, anywhere!
  6. Donate the proceeds to Red Cross

How long do you have to give it up!

You decide how long you want to give it up. Give it up for an hour, a day, one week, an entire month or even forever! Just do your best and have some fun!

All funds raised will go towards the important everyday work Red Cross carries out in local communities to help people doing it tough.

Challenge yourself and support a good cause at the same time. PLUS there are lots of great prizes to be won!

What are you willing to give up?