People Giving It Up!

Robert Tickner

Robert Tickner CEO, Australian Red Cross

Robert Tickner, CEO, Australian Red Cross has decided to give up chocolate for the month.

“I’m giving up chocolate – it’ll take some pretty strong willpower but it’s for a great cause. What will you be giving up?”

Lindy Sing

Lindy Sing Events and Ambassadors Coordinator

Lindy is giving up coffee for the month of May.



Alex, Cory and Paul at Litterini+Clark are giving up wine for the month of May! Well we are really going to try … if we dont make it Red Cross will still get all the money we would have otherwise spent!

Eve & Damien

Eve & Damien  

Eve Wressell & Damien Gilby, husband and wife team, Eve is giving up meat and Damien is giving up going to the movies for the month of May!

Andrew Karavias

Andrew Karavias International Assistant Accountant

Andrew is giving up alcohol for the month of May!

Cora Kipling

Cora Kipling Publicity Manager, Scribe Publications

Cora is giving up coffee for the month of May!