Q: What is Give It Up?

A: Give It Up is a fun, new way to support Red Cross and the important work it carries out each day, including helping people doing it tough in Australian and overseas communities. You can decide to give it up as an individual or workplace team and donate the proceeds you would normally spend to Red Cross.

The campaign runs for the month of May and what you give up is up to you. Things you can give up include coffee, chocolate or luxury items, just to name a few.

Taking part is easy, and everyone can join in.


Q: How does this event work?

A: It’s easy. Choose what you are willing to give up, calculate its value and then give it up!

1.  Register as an individual or workplace team on the website

2.  Choose what you are going to give up and calculate it’s value

3.  Ask everyone you know to sponsor your efforts or make a payment up-front

4.  Give it up…anytime, anywhere across Australia

5.  Deposit your funds to Australian Red Cross

6.  Call 1800 652 635 or email giveitup@redcross.org.au for more information


Q: Why is Red Cross doing this?

A: Give It Up aims to engage Red Cross members, supporters and the general public to raise money for the everyday work Australian Red Cross does to help people doing it tough.


Q: Where do the funds go? 

A: Funds will go towards supporting the ongoing and everyday work of Red Cross in Australia and overseas.

For more information on Red Cross programs and services, please visit www.redcross.org.au


Q: How much do I have to raise?

A: Every dollar helps those in need. The more money we can raise together, the more support Red Cross can give to people in need. There is no minimum or maximum amount you must raise. Just do your best and have some fun!


Q: Can I give up more than one thing?

A: Yes. There is no limit to the amount of things you can give up for Red Cross throughout the year. All you need to do is make sure you select everything you want to give up on the website and set a dollar value for each. Each amount will then be calculated into one total fundraising target.


Q: Can this campaign be done in the workplace?

A: Yes. You can decide to participate as an individual or a workplace team. If you decide to participate as a workplace team you will need to calculate how much you would normally spend as a group not an individual. Use the receipt booklets in your participation pack to issue receipts for any donations received.


Q:  Are there any incentives to take part?

A: Yes! There are lots of great prizes to be won. For additional prize information, check the website or email giveitup@redcross.org.au.


Q: Is Give It Up a national event?

A: Yes. Give It Up is happening in every state and territory in Australia. It is an ongoing campaign that that people can join at any time throughout the year.


Q: Does it cost anything to take part?

A: There is no cost to register for Give It Up. The only cost will be the value of the donation you choose to give and any additional promotion you may consider doing.


Q: Will people be collecting money in the streets?

A: No. Give It Up is about fundraising in your workplace, home or local community, amongst your friends, family and colleagues. There will not be any people standing in the street collecting money for Give It Up, however, there will be people in the streets as normal collecting for Red Cross appeals and our Face to Face program. If you are concerned about any fundraising activity in your area, please contact Red Cross on 1800 811 700.


Q: Are there other ways to support Red Cross and help people doing it tough?

A: Yes. There are many ways in which you can support the work we do. You can hold an event of your own, become a regular monthly giver or leave a gift in your Will. Visit www.redcross.org.au for more details.


Q: How long do I have to deposit money raised from my activity?

A: All money raised from your Give It Up activities must be deposited within 28 days once you have completed your fundraising.


Q: Are funds raised from Give It Up tax deductible?

A: Yes. All donations over the value of $2 are tax deductible.